July 29th, 1991  Monday


By Jeffrey Brodeur
The Associated Press

Akron, Ohio - Jeffrey L. Dahmer told detectives his first murder-mutilation victim was an Ohio hitchhiker he brought to his parents' house and killed with a barbell 13 years ago, authorities said Sunday. Dahmer, who admitted killing 11 people whose remains were found in his Milwaukee apartment last week, told authorities he murdered Steven Mark Hicks  (Photo Below), dismembered his body and buried it, Summit County Sheriff David Troutman said at a news conference. In a three-hour interview with Ohio authorities Saturday, Dahmer identified a photo of Hicks and drew a map of his parents' former home and grounds pinpointing where the remains were buried, Troutman said.

Ohio authorities questioned Dahmer after the house's current owner learned about the Milwaukee slayings and gave police a human bone he found while doing landscaping work a year earlier, said Bath Township Police Chief Bill Gravis. Dahmer appeared relaxed during the interview, in which he told detectives details of Hicks' murder only the killer would know, sheriff's detective John Karabatsos said.

Dahmer told detectives he picked up Hicks, 19, while Hicks was hitchhiking to a rock concert, and took him to his parents' house to share a few beers, Troutman said. Dahmer indicated Hicks wanted to leave the home and when he tried, Dahmer said he hit him with a barbell. "Dahmer indicated he then strangled Hicks with the barbell," Troutman said. Dahmer told detectives he dismembered the body and buried it, but later dug it up and hid the remains elsewhere. Troutman said. Dahmer was 18 at the time. He graduated from Revere High School in Summit County in 1978 and afterward lived with a grandmother in West Allis. Nine victims whose remains were found in Dahmer's apartment were black and one was a 14-year-old Laotian boy. Hicks was white. Dahmer has told authorities he engaged in homosexual acts with several of his victims, but said he didn't have sex with Hicks, Troutman said.

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